Bunny Face Cookie Pops

My kiddo is used to having fun cookies around for every event and holiday- but who would've thunk that adding a stick would be such a game changer. I have never seen him so excited to eat a cookie before :) 

There are a couple different ways I have tried to make cookie pops - but the way I explain here is the easiest and best place to start if you are a beginner.

Step 1 - Cut & Bake - To make cookie pops you can use any shape cookie cutter you fancy. For this specific pop I am using a Cookie Queen Bunny Face Cutter available in the shop. If you don't want to buy a cutter that's ok- just print or hand draw a similar shape on cardstock or cardboard and use a pairing knife to cut around the shape. Be sure to use a good cookie dough recipe that will not spread and ruin your shapes. Bake until bottoms are golden brown.



Step 2 - Flooding  - Once your cookies are fully cooled, begin by flooding the base of your cookie with royal icing - for this cookie I made white bunnies with pink noses but you can choose any color combo that makes you happy. My tried and true Royal Icing recipe and tips and tricks will be linked below. I used a 10 second consistency to flood with no border. A very important step in decorating with royal icing is the setting time. You need to make sure that your icing has set between steps so all of your hardwork doesn't bleed together. For flooding I recommend letting your flood set overnight - usually 8-10 hours is perfect. 


Step 3 - Details - Once your cookies have set its time for the fun part! For detail work I use a 20 second consistency icing. Place the heart nose first so you have a good idea where the center is. Next add your mouth and cute buck teeth. Last step on your details are freckles and whiskers. Again before you continue you will need to let your details dry. About 2 hours. 

Step 4 - Add Sticks - Once your cookies are fully set turn them over & using leftover flood consistency icing glue the sticks to the back. I used Wilton 6 inch lollipop sticks- but you can use any sticks or popsicles you like. Allow the "glue" to dry for a few hours and you are good to go! 

Great for a photo op, basket treat, or just for fun!