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The Perfect Guide to Royal Icing

Consistency is EVERYTHING    I know you have heard it before - consisency is KEY. But when it comes to Royal Icing consistency is EVERYTHING. I learned pretty early on that if my icing wasn’t the perfect consistensy there was no amount of finess that would fix it.    Flooding - In my opinion flooding is the single most important part. You can have all the details in the world - but sitting on top of a bumpy bubbly icing things will never look good. I like to use time to determine my icing consistency. Once you are mixed, colored, and ready to go- drag a spreader/knife right through the center of your bowl. Now start counting. The amount of...

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Bunny Face Cookie Pops

My kiddo is used to having fun cookies around for every event and holiday- but who would've thunk that adding a stick would be such a game changer. I have never seen him so excited to eat a cookie before :)  There are a couple different ways I have tried to make cookie pops - but the way I explain here is the easiest and best place to start if you are a beginner. Step 1 - Cut & Bake - To make cookie pops you can use any shape cookie cutter you fancy. For this specific pop I am using a Cookie Queen Bunny Face Cutter available in the shop. If you don't want to buy a cutter that's ok- just...

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